Monday, September 8, 2008

City Hall's PR problem

The City of Birmingham has a problem.....  Citizens showed up to pay their tickets, appear in court and/or bomb the incompetent people who run the City but everything was closed.  Although I'm sure LaLa (Mayor Larry Langford for Out-of-Towners) would love to create another faux-religious reason/experience for letting people have an extra off day, however, the truth is the City was off today because of the hard work everyone put in while Gustav was ravaging the Gulf.... and it was a noble effort by all.  Snaps.  

However, Birmingham's employees seemed to be the only people who knew about it.  The Birmingham News ran a story about people missing court dates and probation hearings  because of Birmingham's lack of communicating with its citizens.  

This could have been avoided if:

-Birmingham had sent letters to everyone who had a court date today.  I mean, the City has everyone's addresses who should have been in court today.


-Done a better job of getting it into the media.  Something ran over the weekend, but it was so weak I'm not even going to look it up.

When are we going to impeach LaLa?

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